Despite recent advances in the materials and manufacture of vehicles, corrosion is still with us. The sight of cars and trucks with rusty fenders, doors and frames is as common now as it was decades ago. De-icing chemicals, or even trips to the beach take a toll on the underside of your vehicle – but you can protect it. Raleigh Vehicle Outfitters applied Valugard Rust Inhibitor and undercoating can help prolong the life of your vehicle.

Starting from the inside: The mechanism of corrosion requires that an electrolyte, usually water, come into contact with the steel. Therefore, whatever you can do to prevent this interaction is critical to achieving anti-corrosion protection. Applying an anti-corrosion spray wax helps prevent inside-out rust. The wax is inserted into selected vehicle cavities located in the doors, hood, trunk frame, fenders, quarter panels and rocker panels. It then forms a barrier that prevents the electrolyte from coming into contact with the metal.

Protecting the underbody: The underbody of the vehicle takes a daily pounding from the environment, which can cause rust to form on the floorboards and brake lines. A quality anti-corrosion coating designed to withstand the impact of road debris can protect the underbody and prevent the formation of rust.